Kun helps compile Jewish record label’s music

Communication and journalism professor Josh Kun and the Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation released a new anthology titled Songs For the Jewish-American Jet Set: The Tikva Records Story 1950-1973.

The album is a collection of songs from Jewish music label Tikva Records and has tracks from artists such as Leo Fuld, Leo Fuchs, Martha Schlamme and Marty Levitt.

Kun also helped create an iPhone app that lets users listen to the songs, learn about the label and its artists and view photos and videos.

There is also a pop-up record store in San Francisco’s Mission District that will host performances, an exhibition, album sales, Yiddish film screenings and oral history days from now until Dec. 28.

Josh Kun
Idelsohn Society for Musical Preservation
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  1. Record label says:

    According to lots of ‘studies’ and ‘research’ people who pirate music also BUY more music.