Professor Kahn interviewed about Tribune Co. potentially selling newspaper divsion

Gabriel KahnBy Alex Reed
Student Writer

USC Annenberg Professor Gabriel Kahn was interviewed by KCRW-FM’s “Which Way, LA?” about Tribune Company potentially selling the Los Angeles Times and several other newspapers in order to shift attention to more profitable ventures, such as television.

“Newspapers have been an under-performing asset to say the least. It is a very difficult job to run a daily newspaper in a major metro market these days,” said Kahn.

According to Kahn, the strategy behind Tribune Company’s decision about their newspaper holdings will have a lot to do with “what kind of combination is going to bring the highest returns to them.”

Kahn was also interviewed by KTLA-TV on the same subject, telling them that he wasn’t surprised to hear that Tribune Co. was meeting with advisers about potentially selling its newspaper division.

“I think that when the company emerged from bankruptcy, this was always thought to be the plan,” Kahn says.

Gabriel KahnKCWR-FM interview
KTLA-TV interview

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