Tech manager Jim Yoder highlighted for work as magician

USC Annenberg Audio-Visual Technologies Manager Jim Yoder spoke with the Daily Trojan concerning his after-hours work as a magician.

Yoder, who has been practicing magic since he was 8, works behind the scenes of the Magic Castle in Hollywood, home to the members-only Academy of Magical Arts.

“My true magical expertise is in ‘staging’ magic,” Yoder told the Daily Trojan. “I design lighting, soundscapes and staging for magicians. The staging of a magic show is often as important as the performance of the illusions.”

According to Yoder, his hobby gives him a unique way to share his passion for life with his audience.

“To me, life is fascinating  —  life just in general is magic,” Yoder said. “What magic does is that it allows me to impart some of that onto whoever wishes to see it.”

Read the article here.

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